Library Policies

Coventry Public Library 3-D Printer Use Policy

The library maintains a 3-D Printers for use by the public at the Reference Desk. Patrons must sign a copy of this agreement. Copies are available at the Reference Desk.


  • Use of the 3-D Printer is at the discretion of library staff. The library reserves the right to deny use of the equipment.
  • The 3-D printer may only be used by library cardholders.
  • It is expressly prohibited:
    1. To print any guns, gun parts, knives, weapons or objects that are intended to physically harm, or attempt to harm, a person or animal in any way. R.I.G.L. § 11-47-8 prohibits the possession and manufacture of 3D printed firearms.
    2. To print obscene or inappropriate materials.
    3. To print any object that violates or infringes upon a patent, trademark, or other proprietary right. Use of the 3-D Printer and associated equipment shall follow all legal guidelines. U.S. Copyright Law governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.
    4. The library prohibits any use of the 3D printer that violates local, state and federal law;
  • The library is not able to print items in mass quantities.
  • The library does not guarantee a successful print. Unless the print fails to finish, the cost of the completed print, regardless of quality, will still be charged.
  • Items that are not picked up after a month will become property of the Coventry Public Library. Items must be picked up by the individual who printed them.
  • A charge in the amount of the print’s cost will be added to the patron’s record for any unclaimed items.
  • Only designated library staff have access to the 3-D printer.
  • The library is not responsible for the subsequent safety of any item made with the 3-D printer.


For more detailed information on 3D printing at the library, please see our 3D printing FAQ.




Approved by Coventry Library Board of Trustees, July 2023

Coventry Public Library is pleased to make its Bulletin Boards available to civic, cultural, educational, and other non-profit groups to display posters and announcements regarding their programs and services.  Posting does not imply the endorsement of the Coventry Public Library.  Bulletin board space is not for the use of individuals, businesses and political or religious organizations.  Priority will be given to the local community.

Due to space restrictions, material may remain on the bulletin board for no more than two weeks unless other arrangements are confirmed with the library’s Assistant Director.  The library cannot take responsibility for the return of bulletin board materials.  Material must be posted and removed by library staff only.

Any questions regarding the bulletin board policy may be referred to the Library Director.


Approved by Coventry Public Library’s Board of Trustees, May 2018.

Coventry Public Library is pleased to circulate nearly all of it collections to library users in good standing with valid library cards.  In order to ensure maximum use of the collections, equal access to library holdings, and responsible care of library materials, Coventry Library has developed a set of circulation policies to govern the lending of library materials. 

All library patrons must have a valid OSL card in order to check out library materials.  Cards are not transferable to other family members or friends.  The patron is responsible for materials checked out on his or her card.  Please immediately report loss of card or change of address. 

  • Patrons can apply for a library card or renew their library card online at . 
  • Without their card present a patron must show valid photo ID to check out materials. 

  • All books, audio books, music CDs, cake pans, kits and puppets may be renewed twice, providing there are no holds on the items and the items are no more than 2 weeks overdue.  There are no renewals on DVDs, museum passes, Nooks, and the Express Collection. 

  • Telephone renewals are allowed on items as long as the patron has his or her card available, the item to be renewed is not more than 2 weeks overdue, and there are no holds placed on the item.  In-house patrons’ needs must take precedence over telephone renewals in which case the phone patron may be asked to call back. 

  • If a person loses their library card, there is a one dollar ($1.00) replacement fee.  Proper ID is required to replace the card. 

  • Coventry Library reserves the right to determine charges for lost or damaged items and the right to deny borrowing privileges to anyone who has library materials overdue from any OSL library or owes fines amounting to more than five dollars ($5.00) from any OSL library.   

  • A parent or guardian, in signing for their minor child, is financially responsible for any delinquencies on that card.   

  • The library is not responsible for damage to patron’s devices that may result from damaged or defective library materials. 

  • You may use your OSL card at all other OSL libraries.  Circulation policies and rules may vary with each library.  Items may be returned to any OSL library unless otherwise noted, however the patron is responsible for all materials until they are checked in by the owning library. 

For the full Ocean State Libraries Library Card and Borrowing Policy, go to: 

Collection Development Policy 

This Collection Development Policy offers guidance to library staff in the selection, retention and withdrawal of library materials and serves to inform the public of the library’s principles for section and collection maintenance.  

This policy is based on the library’s mission and observes the American Library Association policies regarding freedom of access, including the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read, Freedom to View (appended), and related interpretations of Intellectual Freedom Committee.  

Responsibility for Materials Selection 

The ultimate responsibility for book and non-print materials rests with the Library Board of Trustees. The Trustees, in turn, delegate the authority for selection to the Director and the Materials Selection Team. 

The Materials Selection Team consists of the Director and other professional librarians who have training and experience in the art of selection, and are charged with selecting materials in designated subject areas. Suggestions from other staff members and library users are encouraged and seriously considered in the selection process. 

Criteria for Selection 

Coventry Public Library provides a robust, relevant collection of resources in a wide range of formats to meet the informational, educational and recreational needs of the community. The library strives to meet these needs within the limitations of space, staffing and the budget.  

The library’s goal is to build a collection that reflects the community and to represent a variety of ideas, information, stories and experiences. The library recognizes varying viewpoints, ideas, beliefs and philosophies and will provide access to diverse points of view. Inclusion in the library’s collection is not an endorsement of any particular point of view or belief. 

Materials are selected to fill the needs of both actual and potential readers. Items for the collections are chosen based on: 

  • Community needs and interest 

  • Current usefulness or permanent value to the collection 

  • Favorable reviews in professional journals 

  • Authority and competence of the author, composer, filmmaker, etc. 

  • Relevance to existing collection strengths and weaknesses  

  • Public demand and interest  

  • Literary merit, significance 

  • Availability of the material in other OSL libraries 

  • Quality of content, design, format or production 

  • Relevance to existing collection strengths and weaknesses 

  • Cost 

Tools used in selection include professional and trade journals, newspapers, subject bibliographies, publishers’ promotional materials and reviews from other reliable sources.  

Patron suggestions are always welcomed and will be evaluated in relation to the existing collection. Suggested works will be added if they meet the selection criteria stated in this policy and funds are available. 

The Use of the Library’s Materials 

Library materials shall be selected to provide a broad range of viewpoints and shall not be marked or identified to show library approval or disapproval of the contents. No book or other item shall be sequestered. Responsibility for the reading, viewing or listening habits of children rests with their parents or legal guardians. Selection of materials for the library’s collections shall not be restricted by the possibility that children may obtain materials their parents consider inappropriate.  

The use of items in collections which are fragile or valuable, or unusually susceptible to theft, shall be controlled only to the extent required to protect them from damage or theft.  

Greene Public Library 

Greene Library, located in the western portion of Coventry, became part of the Coventry library system on July 1, 2010. Many Coventry residents visit both locations so policies and procedures are identical. The Greene collection is similar to Coventry’s but differs in some key areas. For instance, Greene only has a basic reference collection. While staff and patrons at Greene have access to Coventry’s electronic resources, in-depth reference questions may require the assistance of Coventry’s reference staff and additional resources either in person or remotely. 

Gifts, Memorials, and Donations 

The library gratefully accepts gifts, memorials, and donations and reserves the right to evaluate all gifts/donations with the same criteria used in selecting purchases. Those that do not meet the library’s needs or do not meet selection criteria will be disposed of in any manner that seems appropriate. Items that are in good condition but not needed by the library may be sold in the Library Book Nook or given to other libraries or agencies. Bookplates may be provided for gifts and memorials and a statement for tax purposes will be provided if requested by the patron. It is the responsibility of the patron to determine the value of their gift. 

Portraits, sculpture, furniture and other such items shall not, except under special circumstances, be accepted as gifts. 

Local authors, self-published authors, unsolicited materials 

Materials submitted by local authors, self-published authors and unsolicited materials from publishers will be evaluated by the same criteria set forth in this policy.  

Maintaining the Collection 

To maintain an up-to-date, useful collection, worn and obsolete materials shall be continuously weeded. Materials may also be withdrawn if they are little used or superseded by a new edition or better work on the same subject. Materials no longer useful to the library may be given to other libraries or schools, sold for the benefit of the library, or disposed of.  


Adult Fiction 

A range of genres and literary styles, anticipated popular titles s are purchased in proportion to demand and user statistics. Efforts are made to complete series and to acquire award winning titles. Additional copies of popular authors may be purchased as funding allows. 

Adult Non-fiction 

The non-fiction collection emphasizes timely, accurate and useful information to support community needs and interests. Attempts are made to select resources that represent all viewpoints of issues. In an attempt to keep pace with progress in new fields of knowledge, the library responds with new additions as they become available.  If subject areas in the collection are found to be lacking, based on patron requests, purchases may be made dependent on availability of material and holdings of other libraries. The library provides both scholarly and non-scholarly materials in a variety of formats and at different reading levels.  

Young Adult 

Materials in the Young Adult collection are published for and marketed towards middle-schoolers and/or high schoolers (grades 6-12, or ages 11-18). Materials are selected based on anticipated popularity, patron requests, reviews and award lists.  

Youth Services  

This collection serves the needs of children from birth to middle school and their families. These materials are specifically designed to help children develop a love of reading, reading proficiency and complete school assignments. Selections are based on professional resources and the requests of parents, children and teachers.  

The collections consist of picture books, non-fiction, fiction, children’s reference materials (non-circulating), periodicals, audio books, DVDs, CD’s, story packs, story sets, and juvenile kits.  

The Youth Services department includes a “play” area which provides children and their caregivers the opportunity for quiet play and a chance to interact with other library patrons in a safe and friendly environment. The library regularly replenishes the toys in this area providing children new and stimulating experiences. 


Periodicals are chosen to supplement the book collection as an additional source of current information, to provide for recreational and entertainment reading, and to serve the staff as book selection aids and professional reading. (Professional journals are for staff use only. All titles are allowed to circulate. 

Non-print Materials 

The library circulates DVD’s, music CDs, a gaming collection, regalia and audio books. As with print materials, non-book materials are selective rather than comprehensive in scope. The goals of the various collections are intended to provide basic information or entertainment on subjects of interest to patrons. These items are protected by copyright and intended for home use only and should not be duplicated.  


Some print reference materials are intended for in-library use. Resources are selected that provide accurate and up-to-date information as well as supplying overviews for topics of interest. In addition, consideration in materials selection is given to the specific needs and interests of our community, so that resources may be included in the reference collection as appropriate. As with other library materials, resources are suitable for a range of reading, informational, and educational levels. 

Examples of print materials in the reference collection are indexes, encyclopedias, biographical resources, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, and directories. Electronic databases are also available some of which can be accessed remotely.  

Special Collection 

Coventry Public Library’s Special Collection acquires and preserves materials of interest to the people of Coventry and Kent County including the history of these areas, local genealogical materials, and materials related to the Civil War. This collection is intended for in-library use only. 

Digital Collections 

The library also purchases and collects materials in electronic format. These include  

EZone, Hoopla, Kanopy,, Providence Journal Archives and several others. Criteria for selection remain the same as for any title. The choice of electronic materials is influenced by the following needs: to supplement the print collection with the most current information on all subjects possible; to supply information that may not currently be in print form; to provide recreational pleasure or entertainment; and to offer a dimension or timeliness on subject areas that the print collection alone is unable to provide. 

Miscellaneous Collections 

The Coventry Public Library maintains various additional collections. These collections include: 

  • Adult Literacy Collection – Basic Literacy & English Language Learners 

  • Professional Collections (non-circulating) 

  • Fishing poles and tackle boxes 

  • Educational toys 

  • Gaming Collection 

  • Cake pans 

  • Library of Things  

All special collections are selected and developed by trained library staff. In the case of Literacy Volunteers of Kent County’s adult literacy collection, selections are made by the Program Director, an individual who has direct contact with students and tutors therefore having first hand knowledge of their needs.  These selections are then reviewed by a member of the library’s Selection Committee before purchases are made. The Adult Professional Collection primarily assists the library staff in growth and development. The collection consists of library manuals and texts that cover different areas of library studies. The Youth Service’s Professional Collection is maintained primarily for use by the staff in developing programs and providing services for children. This collection includes oversized books, pop-up books, and classic editions of picture books. Non-print items include picture books with props, puppets, and other learning toys that support children’s programming. The Gaming collection includes representative games for a variety of gaming systems and for patrons of all ages. 

Networks, consortium, cooperation 

The Coventry Public Library is a member of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL). Membership in OSL affords the library’s patrons access to collections beyond their community. Many titles that are requested by patrons that are not in-house may be interlibrary loaned (ILL). Materials not available from a library in the OSL system may be searched for in other networks. There may be a small search, copying, or postage fee for some materials received from out of state. 

Request for reconsideration of library materials 

The choice of library materials by patrons is an individual matter. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the materials that their children borrow. While a person may reject materials for themselves or for their children, they cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to library materials by others. 

The Coventry Public Library supports freedom and endorses the American Library Association (ALA) Freedom to Read Statement, Freedom to View Statement, the Library Bill of Rights and all relevant Library Bill of Rights Interpretations. Patrons wishing reconsideration of library materials must complete the Coventry Public Library Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources Form in its entirety. Only signed forms will be considered. The Library Director will acknowledge receipt of the form within two weeks. 

The relevant Library Staff will review the library material to ascertain whether it meets the standards set forth in the library’s Collection Development Policy, and will make a written recommendation to the Library Director as to the validity of the request. 

The Library Director, after reviewing the recommendation, will decide whether the library material remains on the shelf or is removed and will notify the patron of said decision. A final appeal may be made to the Library Board of Trustees. 
A copy of the request form without identifying patron information will be mailed to the ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee. 

Review of collection development policy 

This policy shall be reviewed by the Board of Trustees. If there are no sections requiring revisions, it will then be accepted by the Board as policy. It shall be reviewed and revised every year by a committee of staff and the Library Director. It will then be presented to the Board for approval. 

Approved the Library Board of Trustees, May 2022 

Coventry Public Library has limited capacity to accept donations. We will only accept donations of material published in the previous 10 years, in good condition.  We will only accept up to 2 boxes of materials per patron per visit. For larger donations, there are bins in the parking lot marked Discover Books. These donations are handled by Discover Books.

All donations become the property of the library and cannot be returned. Donations may be added or removed from our collection following the criteria of the library collection development policy. Donations may also be sold in the Library Book Nook.

 We will accept the following materials in good condition only:

  • Contemporary hardcover and paperback books
  • Compact discs in original cases
  • DVDs and Blu-rays in original cases
  • Unabridged books on CD in original packaging
  • Vinyl record albums
  • Magazines published within one year
  • Puzzles and games with no missing pieces
  • Video games no older than 3 years

 We will not accept the following:

  • Any materials that have mold, odors, or stains
  • Any materials that are written in
  • Dictionaries
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Magazines older than one year
  • Cassettes (VHS, audio) of any kind
  • Computer games and software
  • Computers, eReaders and other electronic items
  • Toys, including stuffed animals
  • Office supplies
  • Activity books


If you need a receipt for tax purposes, the library will provide one. Federal regulations prohibit the library from giving estimates of value for donated materials.

 The library cannot pick up donations. Donations are accepted at the library during normal business hours. Do not leave donations in the library book drop.


Approved by Coventry Library Board of Trustees, July 2021

The Coventry Public Library recognizes the importance of Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service and perceives it as a core library service. As a member of Ocean State Libraries and the Library of Rhode Island (LORI), the library shares most of its collections with the patrons of other libraries.  

All materials: print, non-print, realia, and digital (when possible) are available to all who come into the library in person. 


The following materials are available for Interlibrary Loan (allow holds) from Coventry Public Library: 

Circulating Books 

Circulation Periodicals 

Circulating non-print materials (DVDs, CDs, Audio books, Games, etc.) 

Photocopies of non-circulating materials 

The following materials are not available for Interlibrary Loan from Coventry Public Library: 

Reference Materials 

Special Collection Materials 

Express Collection 


Story Packs 

Cake Pans 

Fishing Poles & Tackle Boxes 


Museum Passes 

Databases with prohibitive Vendor License Agreements 

Responsibilities of Requesting Libraries: 

  • Interlibrary Loan does not take the place of adequate collection development. 

  • Requested material should be described completely and accurately. 

  • The requesting library is responsible for borrowed materials until they are returned and received by the loaning library. This includes damage/loss of requested materials. 

  • Photocopies of materials not available for Interlibrary Loan are allowed within the parameters of U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17, U.S. Code).  

  • The requesting library will honor the loan period of the loaning library. Every effort will be made to ensure materials are returned on time. Renewal requests will be made to the loaning library. Material may be recalled at any time. 

Responsibilities of the Loaning Library: 

  • Loaning library will honor the material request within 3 business days. 

  • Any special instructions for the use of materials will accompany the loaned materials. 

  • Loaning library will provide complete information identifying borrowing patron. 

  • Loan period is the same as regular circulation loan period for material categories. 

  • If material is in disrepair, such condition will be noted before material is sent to requesting library. 

Other Conditions: 

  • All ILL transactions are confidential. 

  • ILL records will be kept in accordance with state/federal laws. 

  • No transaction fees will be charged. 

  • No overdue fines will be charged to the requesting library. 

The Coventry Public Library’s mission is to strengthen the community by providing free and equal access to information, programs and services that bring people together, foster creativity and encourage lifelong learning.

Programming and displays are core library services that:

  • Enhance the use of the library’s collections
  • Introduce patrons and non-users to library resources
  • Increase awareness of the library’s role as a community resource
  • Promote appreciation for books and reading for all age levels
  • Improve access to information
  • Promote lifelong learning

Programs can be ongoing, a series or a one-time event. Programs are attended and/or presented and overseen by library staff. Acceptable behavior is expected at all library programs to ensure the enjoyment of all attendees and to provide consideration of the presenter(s). Attendees not exhibiting acceptable behavior may be asked by a staff member to leave the program in accordance with the Patron Behavior Policy.

Registration may be required for planning purposes or when space is limited. Programs may be held on site, off site or virtually. Some programs may only be offered for specific ages or at specific times or places. Library programs are open to all and with few exceptions, are free.

Due to limited capacities, we cannot always accommodate large groups (such as schools or daycares) at our programs. Please call the library to be put on a waiting list or ask about our outreach opportunities.

Any sales of products at Library programs must be approved by the Library Director. Programs and displays may not used for commercial, religious, or political purposes.

Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by the participants. When programs are sponsored in cooperation with other community organizations, all policies remain the same.

Library programs will be carefully produced or selected by Library staff to make certain a high level of excellence. Ultimate responsibility for programming and displays at the library rests with the Library Director, under designated authority of the Board of Trustees.

The Library’s staff use the following criteria in making decisions about program and display topics:  

  • Support of the library’s mission
  • Community needs and interests
  • Availability of program space
  • Presentation quality
  • Presenter background/qualifications in content area
  • Budget
  • Historical, educational or artistic significance
  • Connection to other community programs, partners or events
  • Diversity and inclusivity in our community

The Library often collaborates with other community organizations, agencies or individuals to develop and present co-sponsored public programs. Professional performers and presenters that offer specialized or unique expertise may be hired for library programs.

Programs will be promoted to assure the widest number of interested parties is reached. Can you Promotion may be done in partnership with co-sponsoring organizations.

The library reserves the right to cancel a program for any reason at any time. Programs may be cancelled for reasons beyond the library’s control such as absence of the presenter, physical location problems, low registration and inclement weather. The cancellation will be posted on the Library website and whenever possible those who registered will be contacted. Cancelled programs are not automatically rescheduled.

Due to physical space constraints, the Coventry Public Library does not rent space to outside groups for programs or meetings.

Programming Procedures:

  • Program ideas should be forwarded to appropriate staff members.
  • For programs too large for the Library itself, scheduling will depend on the availability of the Town Council Chambers or other off-site locations. Dates must be reserved in the Town Clerk’s calendar. It must be understood that Town events (Council, budget meetings) may take precedence over Library events located in the Chambers.
  • Promotion will take place through newspapers, posters, announcements to interested organizations and advertising on the Library’s website.
  • Invoices for performers must be submitted at least three weeks before the performance. An IRS W-9 form is required for any payment made by the Town.
  • When registration is required, name, and phone number, and for children’s programs, age or grade level will be recorded.
  • Confirmation of performers is done in advance. Equipment must be checked and set up prior to the performers’ arrival. Afterwards, the program area will be restored to normal condition.
  • Photos by staff will be taken in accordance with Library policy
  • Staff will take attendance for reporting program statistics.

Approved by the Coventry Public Library’s Board of Trustees, January 2023.

Material may be checked out for the following loan periods. Please note late fees. 

Material Loan Period Overdue Fine
Books, magazines, audiobooks, music CDs, preschool kits 21 days (holds allowed, 2 renewals) Fine free
Cake pans, fishing poles 21 days (no holds, 2 renewals) Fine free
DVDs & Blu-rays, (mostly 1 disc) 7 days (holds allowed, no renewals) Fine free
Video games, TV Series, Nonfiction DVDs (mostly more than 1 disc) 21 days (holds allowed, no renewals) Fine free
Binge Boxes 21 days (holds allowed, no renewals) Fine free
All Express Books 7 days (no renewals, no holds) $1.00 per day
All Express DVDs 2 days (no renewals, no holds) $1.00 per day
Ukuleles 21 days (no renewals, no holds) $1.00 per day
Equipment  Varies $5.00 per day
Museum Passes 2 days (no renewals, no holds) $5.00 per day
eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming movies from the eZone, Hoopla, Kanopy Varies No fines/Never overdue


  • All items checked out for 21 days may be renewed twice, unless someone is waiting for them. 

  • A maximum of 99 items can be checked out at one time. 

  • A maximum of 25 holds (requests) can be on a patron's account at one time. 

  • A maximum of 10 DVDs can be checked out at one time. 

  • A maximum of 5 video games can be checked out at one time. 

  • Replacement costs for above items will be determined on an individual basis. 

Patron Behavior Policy

In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to library use and to ensure the safety of library patrons and staff, the Coventry Public Library has adopted the following list of behavior guidelines:


  • Proper dress is required (shoes and shirts are required) 
  • Eating, and drinking from uncovered containers inside the library is prohibited
  • Use of personal electronic equipment that interferes with other library users or staff is prohibited
  • Stealing, abusing, defacing or destroying any library property is prohibited
  • Carrying on sustained conversations above acceptable noise levels is prohibited
  • Using profane or obscene language and gestures on library premises is prohibited
  • Any form of harassment of library staff or patrons is prohibited. Harassment includes, without limitation, physical harassment, verbal harassment, visual harassment, and innuendo
  • Disrupting or interfering with the use of the library by other patrons is prohibited; offensive personal hygiene that disturbs others is not permitted 
  • Physically assaulting library staff, vendors or patrons is prohibited
  • Carrying, possessing or displaying weapons is prohibited with the exception of police officers carrying service weapons
  • Using tobacco or vapor products inside the library is prohibited
  • Using, selling or trading alcohol and illegal substances or possessing the same for purposes of using, selling or trading on library premises is prohibited 
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on library premises is prohibited
  • Sleeping in the library or on library grounds is prohibited
  • Moving library furniture from an existing location is prohibited
  • Bathing or excessive grooming in public restrooms is prohibited
  • Engaging in sexual acts on library premises is prohibited
  • Entering into non-public areas of the library or using library equipment or facilities without authorization is prohibited
  • Soliciting patrons and library personnel is prohibited
  • Parents or legal guardians are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their children in the library and on library premises
  • Animals are not permitted inside the library, except service animals assisting patrons


We ask all library patrons abide by these guidelines, and all state and local laws, while in the library and on library premises. Patrons violating one or more of these guidelines will be asked to stop engaging in such violations and may be asked to leave the premises and/or be barred from using Coventry Public Library and/or its branch, Greene Public Library.

Approved by the Coventry Library Board of Trustees, May 2022

Service Animals as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are allowed in the library. The library will only allow therapy pets that are working in the provision of pet assisted therapy treatment and education with a certified pet assisted therapy facilitator as defined in Rhode Island General Law 40-9.1-5 (a) in the library. No other animals will be allowed in the library. Members of the public who bring animals into the library that do not fall into the above definitions will be asked to remove them from the library.

Misrepresentation of a service animal is a violation of Rhode Island law.

Any service animal or therapy pet who is not housebroken, or displays aggressive behavior or disturbs others by growling, barking, or the like, can be asked to leave. Service animals must adhere to all standard rules, regulations, and laws within both the facility and the state of Rhode Island.

All service animals and therapy pets must be harnessed, leashed, tethered, or otherwise under the complete control of the owner (in the case of a service animal) or the facilitator (in the case of a therapy pet) at all times and cannot be let loose in the library.

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers perform an important and much-appreciated service in the Coventry Public Library.  Volunteer work is always a supplement to, not a substitute for, paid staff.  They are of greatest benefit in the Youth Services Department where volunteers may help with children’s programs throughout the year and the Summer Reading Program on a seasonal basis.  Volunteers often work on special projects that may be seasonal or temporary in nature and are always trained and supervised by a library staff member. 

Volunteers are subject to the Town of Coventry’s Volunteer Screening Policy which may include a Police Record Check at the town’s expense.  References may also be required.  Furthermore, the library reserves the right to evaluate, refuse, and/or terminate those volunteers whose performance is not satisfactory. 

The library shall not accept volunteers who need community service hours for probation or other adjudicated purposes. 

Because volunteer opportunities at Coventry Public Library are limited, Coventry residents will receive preference as will those teens that need volunteer work for school, honor societies, community groups, or other similar organizations.  Teen volunteers must have completed 6th grade.  A Volunteer Hours Form signed by a library staff member will be provided at the completion of the volunteer assignment upon request.


Approved by the Board of Trustees of the Coventry Public Library, January, 2013.