Circulation Policy 

    Coventry Public Library is pleased to circulate nearly all of it collections to library users in good standing with valid library cards.  In order to ensure maximum use of the collections, equal access to library holdings, and responsible care of library materials, Coventry Library has developed a set of circulation policies to govern the lending of library materials. 

    All library patrons must have a valid OSL card in order to check out library materials.  Cards are not transferable to other family members or friends.  The patron is responsible for materials checked out on his or her card.  Please immediately report loss of card or change of address. 

    • Patrons can apply for a library card or renew their library card online at . 
    • Without their card present a patron must show valid photo ID to check out materials. 

    • All books, audio books, music CDs, cake pans, kits and puppets may be renewed twice, providing there are no holds on the items and the items are no more than 2 weeks overdue.  There are no renewals on DVDs, museum passes, Nooks, and the Express Collection. 

    • Telephone renewals are allowed on items as long as the patron has his or her card available, the item to be renewed is not more than 2 weeks overdue, and there are no holds placed on the item.  In-house patrons’ needs must take precedence over telephone renewals in which case the phone patron may be asked to call back. 

    • If a person loses their library card, there is a one dollar ($1.00) replacement fee.  Proper ID is required to replace the card. 

    • Coventry Library reserves the right to determine charges for lost or damaged items and the right to deny borrowing privileges to anyone who has library materials overdue from any OSL library or owes fines amounting to more than five dollars ($5.00) from any OSL library.   

    • A parent or guardian, in signing for their minor child, is financially responsible for any delinquencies on that card.   

    • The library is not responsible for damage to patron’s devices that may result from damaged or defective library materials. 

    • You may use your OSL card at all other OSL libraries.  Circulation policies and rules may vary with each library.  Items may be returned to any OSL library unless otherwise noted, however the patron is responsible for all materials until they are checked in by the owning library. 

    For the full Ocean State Libraries Library Card and Borrowing Policy, go to: