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    Learn to SPEAK, READ and WRITE English

    Enroll in Literacy Volunteers of Kent County’s free learning program!

    In just a few hours per week, you can improve your English skills in Speaking, Reading, Writing and Math.

    As a Basic Literacy student or English Language Learner you will be paired with a tutor who will instruct you one-to-one according to your individual needs.

    Lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

    All information exchanged remains confidential.

    With our help, you can learn!



    1. To participate in our literacy program, you must be 16 years or older, not enrolled in a traditional academic program, and registered with LVKC.
    2. You need to complete a student application, then will be given a language assessment.
    3. Students and tutors decide where and when to meet, but you should be able to meet with your tutor for at least two hours a week and be able to complete homework assignments.



    For more information, please call (401) 822-9103 or email


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