Patron Behavior Policy

    Patron Behavior Policy

    In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to library use and to ensure the safety of library patrons and staff, the Coventry Public Library has adopted the following list of behavior guidelines:


    • Proper dress is required (shoes and shirts are required) 
    • Eating, and drinking from uncovered containers inside the library is prohibited
    • Use of personal electronic equipment that interferes with other library users or staff is prohibited
    • Stealing, abusing, defacing or destroying any library property is prohibited
    • Carrying on sustained conversations above acceptable noise levels is prohibited
    • Using profane or obscene language and gestures on library premises is prohibited
    • Any form of harassment of library staff or patrons is prohibited. Harassment includes, without limitation, physical harassment, verbal harassment, visual harassment, and innuendo
    • Disrupting or interfering with the use of the library by other patrons is prohibited; offensive personal hygiene that disturbs others is not permitted 
    • Physically assaulting library staff, vendors or patrons is prohibited
    • Carrying, possessing or displaying weapons is prohibited with the exception of police officers carrying service weapons
    • Using tobacco or vapor products inside the library is prohibited
    • Using, selling or trading alcohol and illegal substances or possessing the same for purposes of using, selling or trading on library premises is prohibited 
    • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs on library premises is prohibited
    • Sleeping in the library or on library grounds is prohibited
    • Moving library furniture from an existing location is prohibited
    • Bathing or excessive grooming in public restrooms is prohibited
    • Engaging in sexual acts on library premises is prohibited
    • Entering into non-public areas of the library or using library equipment or facilities without authorization is prohibited
    • Soliciting patrons and library personnel is prohibited
    • Parents or legal guardians are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their children in the library and on library premises
    • Animals are not permitted inside the library, except service animals assisting patrons


    We ask all library patrons abide by these guidelines, and all state and local laws, while in the library and on library premises. Patrons violating one or more of these guidelines will be asked to stop engaging in such violations and may be asked to leave the premises and/or be barred from using Coventry Public Library and/or its branch, Greene Public Library.

    Approved by the Coventry Library Board of Trustees, May 2022