Library of Things

    Coventry Public Library’s “Library of Things”

    All items on this list check out for 7 days with no renewals and no holds and a late fee of $5.00 per day, unless otherwise noted. To check out these items, visit the Circulation Desk.


    Cake pans: The Coventry Public Library has a collection of cake and cookie pans, generously provided by the Friends of the Coventry Library. There is no limit on the amount of molds that can be checked out. To check out a pan, please go to the Youth Services Department to pick up a check-out card for a pan. These molds are to be checked out for three weeks, with one renewal option, and cake pans are now fine free.

    The following cake and cookie molds are available:

    1.  Barbie Cake Pan

    2. Partysaurus Cake Pan

    3.  Huggable Bear Cake Pan

    4.  Bunny Cake Pan

    5.  Heart Cake Pan

    6.  Dog Cake Pan

    7.  Enchanted Castle Cake Pan

    8.  Four Tiered Cake Pan

    9.  Thomas the Tank Engine Cake Pan

    10.  Tiered Square Mini Cake Pan Set

    11.  Tiered Square Cake Pan Set

    12.  Cross Cake Pan (two available)

    13.  Round Pops Cookie Pan

    14.  Football Cake Pan

    15.  Megasaurus Cake Pan

    16. SpongeBob Squarepants Cake Pan


    Decorating Supplies: Box of 26 decorating tips, 2 rose tips and 3 couplers available for check out as well.


    Fishing poles: Planning a fishing trip and need some extra poles?  Come visit the Library!  The Coventry Public Library has fishing poles and tackle boxes available for public use.  These items can be checked out just like books, DVDs, etc. There is no limit on the amount of supplies you can check out. To check these materials out, simply ask at the Circulation Desk. Poles and tackle may be borrowed for three weeks with the option to renew once, and fishing poles are now fine free.


    Ghost hunting kit: Hearing spooky noises? Investigate with Coventry Public Library’s Ghost Hunting Kit! The kit includes an EMF meter, a passive infrared motion sensor, an EVP recorder, a thermometer, and a GEOphone. Click here to see the kit in action in our ghost hunting kit commercial!


    Metal detector: Find buried treasure with our metal detector!


    Power Meter: The Kill A Watt® EZ Power Meter allows you “to accurately measure power consumption of household appliances and to determine the actual cost of power consumed. The unit will also project, in real time, the cost of continued use of the appliance in time periods of hour, day, week, month, and year.” (From instruction manual)


    Telescope: Check out a telescope from the library and do some stargazing from your own backyard!


    Ukuleles: The library has three different ukuleles available to check out. These come with a chord chart and a carrying bag. Ukuleles check out for three weeks with no renewals and no holds. The late fee is $1.00 per day.


    Wildlife camera: Check out our outdoor wildlife camera to see if you have any nocturnal creatures visiting your backyard. The camera comes with a strap so that it can be attached to a tree or post outside.


    If you have questions about or would like to check out any of these items, visit the Circulation Desk or call (401) 822-9100 and press 1.