Library Programs and Displays

    The Coventry Public Library’s mission is to strengthen the community by providing free and equal access to information, programs and services that bring people together, foster creativity and encourage lifelong learning.

    Programming and displays are core library services that:

    • Enhance the use of the library’s collections
    • Introduce patrons and non-users to library resources
    • Increase awareness of the library’s role as a community resource
    • Promote appreciation for books and reading for all age levels
    • Improve access to information
    • Promote lifelong learning

    Programs can be ongoing, a series or a one-time event. Programs are attended and/or presented and overseen by library staff. Acceptable behavior is expected at all library programs to ensure the enjoyment of all attendees and to provide consideration of the presenter(s). Attendees not exhibiting acceptable behavior may be asked by a staff member to leave the program in accordance with the Patron Behavior Policy.

    Registration may be required for planning purposes or when space is limited. Programs may be held on site, off site or virtually. Some programs may only be offered for specific ages or at specific times or places. Library programs are open to all and with few exceptions, are free.

    Due to limited capacities, we cannot always accommodate large groups (such as schools or daycares) at our programs. Please call the library to be put on a waiting list or ask about our outreach opportunities.

    Any sales of products at Library programs must be approved by the Library Director. Programs and displays may not used for commercial, religious, or political purposes.

    Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or the views expressed by the participants. When programs are sponsored in cooperation with other community organizations, all policies remain the same.

    Library programs will be carefully produced or selected by Library staff to make certain a high level of excellence. Ultimate responsibility for programming and displays at the library rests with the Library Director, under designated authority of the Board of Trustees.

    The Library’s staff use the following criteria in making decisions about program and display topics:  

    • Support of the library’s mission
    • Community needs and interests
    • Availability of program space
    • Presentation quality
    • Presenter background/qualifications in content area
    • Budget
    • Historical, educational or artistic significance
    • Connection to other community programs, partners or events
    • Diversity and inclusivity in our community

    The Library often collaborates with other community organizations, agencies or individuals to develop and present co-sponsored public programs. Professional performers and presenters that offer specialized or unique expertise may be hired for library programs.

    Programs will be promoted to assure the widest number of interested parties is reached. Can you Promotion may be done in partnership with co-sponsoring organizations.

    The library reserves the right to cancel a program for any reason at any time. Programs may be cancelled for reasons beyond the library’s control such as absence of the presenter, physical location problems, low registration and inclement weather. The cancellation will be posted on the Library website and whenever possible those who registered will be contacted. Cancelled programs are not automatically rescheduled.

    Due to physical space constraints, the Coventry Public Library does not rent space to outside groups for programs or meetings.

    Programming Procedures:

    • Program ideas should be forwarded to appropriate staff members.
    • For programs too large for the Library itself, scheduling will depend on the availability of the Town Council Chambers or other off-site locations. Dates must be reserved in the Town Clerk’s calendar. It must be understood that Town events (Council, budget meetings) may take precedence over Library events located in the Chambers.
    • Promotion will take place through newspapers, posters, announcements to interested organizations and advertising on the Library’s website.
    • Invoices for performers must be submitted at least three weeks before the performance. An IRS W-9 form is required for any payment made by the Town.
    • When registration is required, name, and phone number, and for children’s programs, age or grade level will be recorded.
    • Confirmation of performers is done in advance. Equipment must be checked and set up prior to the performers’ arrival. Afterwards, the program area will be restored to normal condition.
    • Photos by staff will be taken in accordance with Library policy
    • Staff will take attendance for reporting program statistics.

    Approved by the Coventry Public Library’s Board of Trustees, January 2023.