Reading Recomendations

    Looking for a new book to read?

    Check out these sites to help you pick your next book!

    a.k.a. (Also Known As)

    Check out the various pseudonyms for just about any author.

    Book Browse

    A great site that has access to newsletters and a searchable database of books.

    Early Word

    Random House has created this site to track what great books are coming out soon from all publishers.

    Fantastic Fiction

    With bibliographies for about 30,000 authors and information about over 350,000, users can search by award, country, series name, years of publication, and format.


    his site allows you to create literature maps to find out which authors are like your favorite writers.


    Track reading, get recommendations, and see what your friends are reading.


    Search for fiction and non-fiction books with similar styles, plots, etc.

    What Should I Read Next

    The Kanses Public LIbary has created this user-generated site that suggests readalikes to any title you enter.

    What's Next

    The Kent District Library has built this database so you can track the books in your favorite series and their order.

    Which Book?

    Use a set of sliders relating to plot, setting, and writing style categories to get suggestions of titles in which you might be interested.