Newsela - Online Resource

    LVKC has launched a new Learning Resource called Newsela! Newsela is an online platform that takes articles, videos and other content and makes it accessible and engaging for students. Texts are available at five reading levels from grade 2 to grade 12, with some texts available in English and Spanish.

    Newsela has over 15,000 instructional content articles in 20+ genres. Tutors can assign individual articles or groups of articles to their student(s). Students can see the assignments on their Newsela homepage, and even if the tutor does not customize the assignment, the student is able to: 

    • Read the article at all reading levels
    • Take the quiz at all reading levels
    • Highlight and annotate at all reading levels
    • Submit a writing response to the Newsela writing prompt
    • Complete Power Words activities (if the article has Power Words)

    Tutors will see the recommended reading level for articles, and content to apply to lessons including main idea & themes, key terms, before reading activity, and discussion questions. Each article includes accessibility options to increase the size of the font, and a feature to listen to audio of the articles.

    Newsela is a convenient way to find content of interest for students, with suggested lessons and vocabulary for tutors.

    For instructions on how to make an account, how to help your student sign up, and how to get started with Newsela, please contact us at