A Revolution of Her Own!™

    Thursday, June 29th @ 5:30 p.m.

    History At PlayTM, LLC (HAP, LLC) has garnered nationwide applause for their one-woman living history performances, chronicling the lives of legendary women who changed society.

    In this presentation of A Revolution of Her Own!™ History At Play, LLC Founder and Artistic Director Judith Kalaora is Deborah Sampson: the first woman to enlist, fight, and be honorably discharged from the American Military.

    An indentured servant by age five, Deborah grew up in a man's world, where women were naught but second-class citizens. Without the ability to vote or own property, Deborah knew her options were limited; breaking the rules may be necessary to accomplish a greater goal in life. 

    As a self-educated woman, Deborah was the only schoolmarm in Middleborough, Massachusetts. After ten years working as a farm hand, Deborah was strong and possessed the physical capabilities of her male counterparts. And then, on May 23, in the final years of the Revolutionary War, Deborah bound her chest, tied back her hair, and, wearing male attire, enlisted in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Army, under the alias "Robert Shurtlieff." 

    Experience Deborah Sampson's arduous upbringing, one and a half years of active combat, and success as the first female professional soldier through interactive stories and authentic colonial attire. Deborah's passion will take you back in time!


    Registration is required for this event. To register, contact Lauren at lwalker@coventrylibrary.org or 822-9104. 


    Please note: While this program is suitable for all ages, it does contain simulated violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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