Rhody Radio wants to hear from eZone users!

    Do you borrow e-books or e-audiobooks from your local library? If so, Rhody Radio wants to hear from you!

    The Rhody Radio podcast is a project of Rhode Island's libraries seeking to capture diverse voices and stories from around the state. To learn more about Rhody Radio, visit www.rhodyradio.org

    Rhody Radio is planning a special podcast episode to answer your questions about e-books, audiobooks, the Libby app, etc. 

    Have a question?

    To submit questions in writing, send them to rhodyradioonline@gmail.com.

    To submit a voice message that could be featured in the episode, send recordings to rhodyradioonline@gmail.com or record directly from your computer at https://anchor.fm/rhodyradio/message .

    Deadline for submissions is March 31st.