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    The Cranberry Cookbook celebrates the cranberry's position as an honest American fruit, a true "local food." Along with blueberries and Concord grapes, cranberries were growing on North American soil and were sustaining the natives long before the Europeans crossed the Atlantic. With over fifty recipes, The Cranberry Cookbook is a gallery for the sweet-tart flavor and versatility of the cranberry. The recipes are not only traditional, but also reflect today's vibrant, imaginative cooking style to which the cranberry easily adapts. Emphasizing the fruit's American roots, The Cranberry Cookbook profiles the industry and is peppered with fun features and healthful facts.

    Copies are at the Reference Desk for pick-up and, as always, attendees are asked to bring their own place setting and a dish to share.  

    Contact Kiki at or 401-822-9105 for more information.  

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