COVID Polices & Info

    RI residents can register for vaccines at If you need help registering, contact the Reference Desk at (401) 822-9105.

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    Here's what you need to know about our COVID policies:

    • The library is open at full capacity.
    • Reservations are not required for computers and there is a 2-hour per day limit on computer use.
    • Seating areas and study tables are available for patrons to sit and read or study with no time limit. Newspapers and magazines are also available to read in the library.
    • We are not quarantining books and are accepting donations. We still have the DiscoverBooks donation bin the parking lot as well, for your convenience.
    • We have updated our overdue fines - please visit the Policies page of our website for more information. 
    • We are still offering Curbside Pick-up. 


    FAQs for Library Patrons 

    Is the library open at full capacity?

    Yes! The library is still open at full capacity. Seating and study tables are still available for use without time limit.


    Can I enter the library without a mask?

    For the safety of our youngest patrons, we recommend that all patrons wear a mask, especially in the Children's Area.


    Is the Book Drop open?

    Yes! Our book drop has had a face-lift – bright green paint and new lettering so it’s easier to spot! We also have two indoor book drops for your convenience: one in the lobby to the right of the library entrance and one at the Circulation Desk.


    Are the computers available?

    Yes! All computers are available with no reservation required. There is a 2 hour per day limit on computer use. Keyboard covers are available by request and wipes and sanitizer are available to use at your convenience.


    Is the Children’s Area open?

    Yes! The Children's Area is open for browsing and the seating area and toys are also available.


    Can I browse the library stacks?



    Can I read the newspaper or magazines while I’m in the library?

    Yes! We are happy to announce that our seating areas and study tables are available again with no time limit. Magazines and newspapers are also available.


    Are fines being waived?

    Overdue fines at Ocean State Libraries are in effect again as of July 1st, 2021. However, Coventry Public Library has updated its overdue fines and we have gone fine-free on most items. Please note that this fine forgiveness applies only to overdue fines. Replacement fees for lost or damaged items are still in effect and overdue fines may still accrue on items from other libraries. For more information, visit the Policies page of our website.


    Is the library taking book donations?

    Yes! We are now accepting book donations. We also have two DiscoverBooks donation bins in the parking lot, for your convenience. Please note: The library does not own the DiscoverBooks donation bins. Anything placed in these bins will be donated.