Cookie Swap

    Come join us for this year's Cookie Swap!  This year things are a little bit different…we will be swapping cookie mixes and then we can all have a cookie making extravaganza in the comfort of our own kitchens! 

    How it works this year:

    When you sign up we will give you a bag with 6 containers and 12 zip bags.  Use these to hold the dry ingredients mixes for your cookie.  If you need something dry to be added separately (like cream the sugar with the butter first or say adding chopped nuts at the end) use the plastic zip bags to keep them separate!

    Please give me your recipe.  You can print out and bring copies or email your recipe to  We will be happy to print it out and attach it to your cookies. 


    Then return the mixes to the reference desk, so we can put together the pickup bags. 


    To register or if you have any questions about how the swap is working or making your dry ingredients mixes please contact Kiki at or call 822-9105.

    Come get your mixes starting Dec. 10th at noon. 

    Happy Baking!