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September, 2017

By: Kate Eberlen
Tess and Gus cross paths as strangers several times by coincidence over the course of sixteen years. Tess has had to abandon her dreams of attending university when her mother dies of cancer, and she is left to raise her sister. Gus is reeling from guilt because of his brother's tragic death. As the years go by, Tess works a series of low paying jobs and focuses on her sister's care. Gus fulfills his parents' expectations by becoming a doctor, but his real interest lie in cooking and art. Now in their thirties, Gus and Tess finally meet in Tuscany. Readers will be hooked on this novel with its appealing characters within the first few pages.

August, 2017

By: Fiona Barton
The skeleton of a baby is discovered at a building site in London. Journalist Kate Waters, introduced in the author's first novel, doggedly pursues every clue to discover the identity of this baby. Emma is a brooding middle-aged woman who has tried to put her unhappy childhood behind her but is tormented by her past. Angela and Nick have raised a family, but many years ago their newborn daughter was stolen from a hospital maternity ward. Could this be their baby? Author Fiona Barton does not disappoint her fans with her second novel. Readers will be kept guessing until the last pages.