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The Coventry Public Library will be closed Sunday, May 28 and Monday, May 29 for the Memorial Day weekend. Summer schedule begins on Tuesday, May 30.

Book Recommendations

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May, 2017

By: Sophie Kinsella
"When Katie Brenner is fired from her dream job in advertising in London, she's desperate to get away from her mad boss Demeter, and her crush, Alex, who she thought shared her feelings of adoration but didn't. Seeking refuge, she goes home to her father's farm in Somerset to help make her stepmother's dream of turning their land into a glamping retreat come true. Applying her savvy marketing smarts, Katie masterminds a glamorous upscale resort. But when Demeter shows up unnannounced, with Alex not far behind, Katie is forced to rethink her revenge fantasies and her assumptions about family, love, and office politics and realize how much she may have misjudged everyone--and everything--around her"--Provided by publisher.
By: Jessica Shattuck
At the end of World War II, Marianne von Lingenfels returns with her children to her dead husband's ancestral home in Bavaria. She begins to gather up a few of the widows of her husband's co-conspirators in a plot to assassinate Hitler. Beautiful Benita was married to Marianne's childhood friend, Connie. She has been brutalized during the Soviet occupation of Berlin. Unbeknownst to Marianne, Ania was a member of the Nazi party at one time, but she became horrified by the actions of her fellow Germans as the war progressed. These three women and their children gather at the castle and try to carry on with their lives. The author describes the lives and motivations of each of these women in the present and the past. Fans of historical fiction will enjoy this well-written novel.

April, 2017

By: Marie Benedict
Readers who pick this book off the library shelf may be surprised to learn that Albert Einstein's first wife was a brilliant physicist in her own right. Mileva Maric was born in Serbia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in 1875. Championed by a father who encouraged her talents in math and science, she entered Zurich's Polytechnic Institute in 1896 where she met fellow student Albert Einstein. Slowly, she began to allow herself to enjoy Albert's charms. Against the protests of his parents they married. In the early 1900's, Albert and Mileva completed several important articles and developed the famous theory of relativity. Unfortunately for Mileva, her name was not published alongside Albert's. Scholars continue to this day to debate Mileva's contributions to Albert's scientific accomplishments, but most agree that her contributions were substantial. Author Marie Benedict has written a captivating biographical novel which is well-researched.