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Greene Book Recommendations

February, 2017

By: Amy Poeppel
Kate gives up graduate school to pursue a life in Paris with her French boyfriend. He, however, greets her at the airport with the news that he is breaking up with her. Devastated, Kate returns to New York City, unable to function. After a disastrous interview at a private school, Kate is shocked to find herself hired as an admissions officer. Slowly, she begins to heal from her heartbreak and to flourish in her new job. The author pokes fun at the manners and customs of wealthy New Yorkers. Readers will cheer Kate on as she becomes more confident and empathetic.

January, 2017

By: Gilly Macmillan
Rachel is struggling to put her life back together two years after her husband has left her for another woman. She and her eight-year-old son enjoy taking their dog for a walk in a nearby forest. When he asks for permission to run a short distance ahead, she agrees, hoping to foster a sense of independence and self assurance in him. Her worst nightmare, however, is about to begin. Ben is not waiting for her at their appointed meeting place. Ben is nowhere to be found. Fans of police procedurals and psychological fiction will enjoy this novel's many twists and turns.